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Billions in Higher Taxes and the Politicians Want More?

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Californians pay the highest sales and income taxes and among the highest gas taxes in the nation. The Golden State is routinely cited as one of the highest-taxes states in the nation. Yet the Sacramento politicians continue to want more. We need to hold the politicians accountable and hold the line on more tax increases.        



The Governor's State Budget for 2017-18 proposes to extend so-called "climate auctions" forcing companies to buy greenhouse gas "allowances" or go out of business. The auctions have already raised $3.4 billion from businesses and consumers, supposedly to help fight climate change. But the money is being spent on special interest projects that don't actually lower greenhouse gases. California law says the auctions must expire in the year 2020. This would cut-off the flow of easy money going to special interests, so the politicians are proposing to extend the tax's expiration date to the year 2030. Just say NO to the hidden energy tax! Read the facts HERE.  


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Tax Facts

FACT:  Politicians are trying to extend a MULTI-BILLION-DOLLAR TAX on energy

  • The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has been forcing companies to buy “allowances” to emit greenhouse gases, or go out of business.
  • This “auction” program has been misleadingly attached the state’s cap-and-trade program to fight climate change – even though the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst has pointed out no such auctions are necessary for cap-and-trade to work!
  • So far, the “auctions” have taken $3.4 billion from California businesses and consumers, and the money is being spent on special interest projects that don’t lower greenhouse gases. In fact, the Legislative Analyst found some of this spending may actually be increasing greenhouse gases.
  • California law says the auctions must expire by the year 2020. But the special interests are now pushing to delay that expiration to the year 2030, guaranteeing for themselves billions of dollars more, taken from California families.
  • Read more here.


FACT: Politicians are trying to extend their climate tax, without admitting it’s a tax!

  • ARB is under legal scrutiny for taking billions of dollars from Californians without any authorization to levy a new tax. Authorization to levy a tax requires a two-thirds vote by the State Legislature, which ARB never received.
  • ARB and the tax proponents have been arguing that the multi-billion-dollar taking is not a tax, but rather an accidental “byproduct.” 
  • This “byproduct” has increased gas prices and electricity costs, especially impacting low-income Californians, so that politicians can spend billions on pork barrel projects – without any actual benefits for the public.
  • But, if this multi-billion-dollar taking isn’t a tax (as ARB is claiming), then why are the tax proponents NOW seeking a two-thirds vote to justify and continue it?
  • Read more here.


FACT: An unelected bureaucracy has imposed a multi-billion dollar tax WITHOUT a two-thirds vote by the Legislature! 

  • ARB is taking billions of dollars from California businesses and consumers through its greenhouse gas “cap-and-trade” auction scheme.
  • This tax has increased gas prices by 11 cents a gallon, according to the Legislative Analyst’s report showing Californians are now paying $2 billion more each year in higher gas prices.
  • ARB’s hidden tax is also impacting jobs, wages, and other consumer prices throughout California, such as energy bills.
  • Politicians have already introduced 35 bills that would spend more than $7.5 billion of this “incidental” revenue on a medley of pet projects and special interests. And many of these expenses have little to nothing to do with reducing greenhouse gases, according to a report by the California Taxpayers Association.
  • Read more here. 


FACT: California has some of the HIGHEST taxes in the nation and Sacramento still wants MORE!

  • With the passage of several tax measures on the November 2016 election ballot, Californians just saw their taxes grow by more than $10 billion annually – and this is on top of a tax burden that already ranked as one of the nation’s most severe.
  • Californians pay the highest sales tax at 7.5%. Cities and local governments can levy up to 2% in additional sales and use taxes – the national average sales tax is 5.95%.
  • The California gas tax is the 5th highest in the country at 59.02 cents per gallon, which includes the Federal Excise tax at 18.4 cents per gallon, the State Excise tax at 30 cents per gallon, and other state taxes/fees at 10.62 cents per gallon.
  • California’s business tax climate ranks 48 out of 50, according to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation.


FACT: Higher taxes and fees hit the families who can least afford it the hardest.

  • In the 2014 Fiscal Year, California had the 4th highest State-Local Tax Burden as a share of State income at 11% (national average is 9.9%). California also ranked 4th in state individual income tax collection per capita according the Tax Foundation.
  • Higher sales taxes, increased costs for everyday goods and services due to cap-and-trade auctions, and adding a sales tax on services would disproportionately hit the families who can least afford it the hardest – just another reason to oppose higher taxes and fees!


Enough is Enough. It’s time to tell legislators to keep their hands out of our pockets!

Join us in telling the Legislature to keep its hands out of the pockets of hardworking Californians by joining our coalition.



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Californians Against Higher Taxes is a statewide coalition of more than 200 organizations and companies as well as more than 5,000 individual taxpayers. Together, we have been fighting to hold the line on taxes and instead, create more jobs by building a stronger economy. Members include the following:    


    • California Chamber of Commerce
    • California Taxpayers Association
    • National Federation of Independent Business - CA
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