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Californians pay the highest sales and income taxes in the country, with many of these taxes hitting families who can least afford it the hardest.  Yet the Sacramento politicians continue to want more. We need to hold the politicians accountable and hold the line on more tax increases.  


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Tax Facts


FACT:  California has some of the HIGHEST taxes in the nation, and Sacramento is STILL proposing another $272 BILLION in new taxes – More than doubling California’s tax burden

  • The special interests in Sacramento are at it again! The State Legislature is proposing more than $272 billion per year in higher taxes and fees that will negatively impact small businesses and families alike.


  • In its latest “Tax Watch” report, the nonpartisan California Taxpayers Association has identified 39 bills and constitutional amendments that have been introduced in 2018. If enacted, these measures would more than double the amount of state taxes and fees already paid.


  • Despite an expected state budget reserve of nearly $16 billion, politicians continue to propose higher taxes and fees on the backs of workers, small business, and families. California is already a high-tax state, with some of the steepest sales tax, personal income tax, and corporate tax rates in the United States.


  • The California Taxpayers Association, a co-chair and member of Californians Against Higher Taxes, is the state’s oldest and largest taxpayer organization, conducting research and advocacy on significant tax and spending issues in the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government.


FACT: Higher taxes and fees hit the families who can least afford it the hardest.

  • In 2018, California has the highest state-level sales tax rate in the country. When local sales tax rates are combined with the state rate, California still ranks in the top one-fifth of all states in country, according the Tax Foundation.


  • Higher sales taxes and increased costs for everyday goods and services due to over-regulation disproportionately hit the families who can least afford it the hardest – just another reason to oppose higher taxes and fees!


Enough is Enough. It’s time to tell legislators to keep their hands out of our pockets!

Join us in telling the Legislature to keep its hands out of the pockets of hardworking Californians by joining our coalition.



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Who We Are

Californians Against Higher Taxes is a statewide coalition of more than 21,000 California taxpayers and over 200 organizations and companies committed to holding the line on taxes. Together, we have been fighting to stop the onslaught of higher taxes and fees and instead, create more jobs by building a stronger economy. Members include the following:
      • California Chamber of Commerce
      • California Taxpayers Association
      • National Federation of Independent Business - CA
      • Contra Costa Taxpayers Association
      • California Association of Independent Businesses
      • California Business Roundtable
      • California Retailers Association
      • California Grocers Association
      • California Retailers Association
      • San Diego Tax Fighters
      • Neighborhood Market Association
      • California Manufacturers and Technology Association
      • Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
      • Kern County Taxpayers Association
    • Western States Petroleum Association
    • Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association
    • California Hotel and Lodging Association
    • California Independent Grocers Association
    • California Small Business Alliance
    • California Restaurant Association
    • Valley Taxpayers Coalition
    • California League of Food Processors
    • California Taxpayer Protection Committee
    • Orange County Taxpayers Association
    • Santa Barbara Taxpayers Association
    • Small Business Action Committee
    • United Californians for Tax Reform
    • Click here to download the full list.